The Truth

the truth:

it’s exhausting being alive.
it’s not fun much of the time.
we only choose it
because the alternative is coming any way
and most of us aren’t early adopters.

the truth:

I’m glad there are people 
who like to mentor the young
because it needs doing but
I’m neither good at 
nor willing to do it.
if it happens inadvertently
as a result of my work, cool;
if not, ah, well…

the truth:

I’m pretty certain that 
even given all our best efforts otherwise
what we have here 
is a society based on 
everyone but the elite
having a bad case of 
failure to thrive
and you can’t run forever that way;
it’s failing 
by design.
we better learn 
to mine the rubble.

the truth:

I’m too old to matter
to 90% of the people
I wish I mattered to
and 90% more stupid
than I think I am anyway.

the truth:

I am beginning to forget
my power

and I suspect that’s a defense mechanism.

the truth:

I never mattered much to begin with

that is a comfort.


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