Blood Or Blues

Blood or blues — time
to choose my drink 
for tonight — to sip
rage or rue —

It’s afternoon —
dark’s not terribly far
off — some light
remains — do I choose

blood or blues —
do I sit in cold
with sadness in
my mouth or

raise heat and roll
with the rising —
go out hot
to smash or soar

Blood or blues — I could
go either way but it’s time
to choose — move or slump
or dance or dim

until I’m barely here — or
ball myself into fire and 
go out burning —
time to choose

blood or blues 
Living past dying or cooling
and sliding into darkness —
do I choose blood or blues


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2 responses to “Blood Or Blues

  • Tony Brown

    It’s ok. Get better, and thanks.

  • Eileen

    u r right,. the choice is ours…..8 days in a convalescent home presents a smorgasbord of responses to the same difficult experiences….sorry about typing : shattered shoulder of dominant hand limits me

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