Daily Archives: March 3, 2016


Cross with the 
olive skin
of others, angry at
being made for
others, saddened by
changed hearts of others,
furious at condoned loves
of others, terrified of
the desperation of others,
worried about the money
of others, enraged by
all the ways of others,
explanations of others,
reasons of others,
reasons for others,
art by others, music by
others, the taste and flavor
of Otherness itself…yes,

it’s in the eyes.



Each birthday you reach
is your last until 
you reach the next one;

what are you doing
for your last birthday?

It seems only right
that there should be
some symbolic flame to it,

some burning down
of the previous years

as in a warrior’s funeral
or the high leaping fire
of any pyre anywhere

for at heart a birthday party
is the performed hope

concealed in the hot core
of the myth
of the phoenix.