A Lacewing Fly

you’ve fallen into
gloom, feel
you’re drowning
in murky water, 
think you have no
choice but to be forever


darkness isn’t
all-inclusive simply because
it’s hard to see through.
its mystery
isn’t everything, doesn’t hold all 
there is worth knowing.


it’s full morning, long past
a lacewing fly
has landed upon your forearm,
shining among your own
fine, shining hair.

you bring your face close
to see its glassveined
wings glowing, flicking
as it rests there upon you,
to you through 
sunlight. dearness, 

if it were midnight,
you’d slap this miracle aside for 
making your skin crawl. instead,
by having allowed it to stay

you will feel it
shining within you

for long years to come.


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