Better Than Bullets

Snarls and wars and small divides
grown canyon wide and canyon deep;

scent of blood and old chains
not yet rusted through. Songs

are clashing; rough beats thump
artillery, soul wails sling arrows.

It’s late. Do you know where your children are
and what they’re listening to?

Pray they have fallen in love with dangerous
music. To slide into sleep

on a comfortable lullaby is a sure path to 
waking up in hell.

Don’t trust
those who say music should be harmless.

There’s a war on and songs
are better ammunition 

than bullets. Songs
change their targets. Songs

sluice their way
through far more than flesh,

cut deeper, break more walls,
tear down more defenses.

What are your children listening to?
If it doesn’t scare you, 

they are almost certainly
doing it wrong.


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