The Joyful Denial

some are in
joyful denial,
saying there can be

no more space for metaphor.
no more mystery play in the words.
that we must say it all plain,
not in riddle 
or picture
or otherwise carried

on a sensate back —
that we must
in the head
when we talk heart,
live by the slogan

and the obvious. it is

a joyful denial

of what it once meant
to do this — to be this;

a joyful denial

that there is a music 
to be made along with the
a meaning to find, that one
can do the latter better
through the former.

the joyful denial is

a stone in my shoe
as I walk this walk
of talk, forcing me
to worry and wonder:
am I

an extant mistake
or a 
cooling discarded body?

then the most
joyful denial:

that any of this

is worth doing. is worth
living. that regardless of

how, why
matters. so —

blade of grass
in mouth, pen

near my hand.

a different joy.


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One response to “The Joyful Denial

  • Eileen

    Sooooo much less painful to live in my head. My preferred escape, but never works for long. But, to survive, most of us need some coffee breaks.

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