Don’t Write When Listening To Music

don’t write when listening to music
in case you get stuck on a phrase
and have to listen to more to get unstuck
and don’t know if you should re-listen
to the same music or perhaps
change genres completely, maybe switch
from swift stream jazz to more angular
metal or a blues stomp that releases you
from expectation because
so much could come from that
but then you’ll have to live up to it
and maybe the best you can do
is try to live up to it knowing you’ll fail
because all you have is a box of nested words
and the music has all the sun and moon and stars
and blood and pulse and if you have to ask what else
it’s beyond you
and with it being contained in one note
it’s beyond you
and without you being able to respond
without song yourself and you can’t
it’s beyond you
so don’t write when listening to music
you’ll feel your fool coming out
you’ll feel your frail coming on
you’ll feel and have to stop
perhaps for good or perhaps for ill
but you’ll have to stop
you feeble frail fool
you’ll have to stop
and maybe not write again
until you are silent within
and with this song being
as large as the
supermoon stars and 

galactic sun drops on 
icy blue paths through



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