The Last Goddess Catches The Bus

The last goddess
sits on her suitcase
waiting for a bus 
to take her away.

The people here
are mad either for no god
or a sky god, and she’s
been mostly forgotten

in the salty war around
the existence or non-existence
of a Big Guy; here,
everyone’s a partisan

for either Phallus or Fallacy
and when no one bothers
to offer worship or sacrifice
to a goddess 

she moves on,
ever practical,
seeking a temple elsewhere 
that needs a new occupant. 

The last goddess
is getting gone while
the getting is good. Not for her
the second class status

of an also-ran, a decorative
memory, a pocket full of 
quaint.  She was made for war
and wisdom and this place

wants one without the other now;
she was made
for grace and mercy
and neither is well-honored here.

She will catch the bus
and go where she will be welcome.
Some here will miss her
when she goes, but a goddess 

never settles for diminishment.
The ones who love her will go with her;
whatever is left behind
will be forever on its own.


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