Every Third Song

Turning that
random radio dial:

every third song,
a man killing 
his sweetheart;
every third song, 
a woman talked about
as if she were candy
or Satan;
every third song, 
no woman complete
without a completion
named man;
every third song,
no man complete
without callousness
or armament or
loner stride, 
no woman
to be seen;

every third
top 40 rock
folk rap jazz
writes a man-woman 
prescription to be taken 
as directed and now

every third song
in my head
writes itself
the same.



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2 responses to “Every Third Song

  • Léa

    Ah, such a shame my radio doesn’t pick up English speaking stations. Of course I could find them on the internet if I cared to… I enjoyed the poem.

  • Eileen

    Many of us woman spent our life accepting this and didn’t even realize we weren’t whole people on our own until we got old and invisible except to gays. How gay men treated me as a whole separate person of value outside any relationship with them, their desires, or their ego has been one of the most enlightening and freeing experiences in my long life.

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