Daily Archives: January 2, 2016

The Pathology

The pathology is not
that they’ve taken to
listening to the earth and
taking what it says
into consideration; 

the pathology is in those
who stopped listening long ago
and now 
cannot hear.

The pathology is not
in what he calls himself,
is not in what she says 
you should call her,
or in how they ask you
to hold your tongue
for one minute
while they’re telling you 
these things;

the pathology is in
how you don’t listen,
or don’t care, or suggest
they’re wrong about
those names.

The pathology is not
in the ones hearing a call,
waking up,
and starting to move.

The pathology is in
the ones sleeping through
all of this — is in

thinking that’s just
a clock
sounding off
when in fact
it’s a fire alarm.