Word Of Choice


I start with a word
with a lot of baggage. This 
is not gratuitous — I mean it and
there is no reason not to use it,
it’s a good a word as is available
for that feeling of abrupt disgust
as is felt when another kid of color is
killed or when a jury carefully groomed
for absolution does its unsound job and 
absolves a killer or two or three because
they are dressed in Immunity Clothes;


because for me not to say that out loud tonight 
seems wrong, to not say it out loud seems to be
whitewashing of the highest order, to not say it
seems Evil and I am not that so I’m going to say it:


because someone’s getting way with murder tonight
and that’s an obscenity worse than any
I could utter, a blasphemy worse than any
blood left on a headstone, a heresy of painful 
denial and allowance made for skin over logic and

fuck, fuck, fuck;

I am not equipped for more than that word
when it comes to war, but say it often enough
(and there are more and more reasons to say it every day)
and you will believe in it, you’ll kill in it as needed,
at the end of the day you will likely go home and stew 
or sleep depending on how well you sleep:

fuck the storm at the surge center —

fuck, we ought to know by now what happens. 


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