Daily Archives: December 23, 2015

In Bear Moment

Clarity’s a Bear
on dark soil,

finding their way,

sure footed,

in spite of
twists and 
dips in the Path.

Now then: you may follow 
the Bear safely
from a distance

using only its tracks
in the Earth,

get closer to it
and be less certain
of yourself, 

your safety, 
how far you have to go.
You will be

in Bear moment,
where Clarity has its 
dangers — but

what rewards,
what rewards from 
being there.


First The Dustpan

“Don’t be afraid of breaking.
Remember, a broken window doesn’t
need to be opened.”

This is how I am greeted
by the daily mail —
with a well-meant and empty platitude

that makes me laugh and rage
about how much else is true 
of a broken window.

I put my head down in my covers
and start a list in response:

a broken window is not
to be trusted — you can get cut that 
way, you could put an eye out

with a shard from a broken window. A broken
window lets in all manner of pests
and danger.  A broken

window is an excuse for cops to 
enter your life.  A broken window
is the natural track of a brick,

a bullet, a flash-bang, a grenade,
a Molotov cocktail.  A broken window
is a thief of heat and safety.

A broken window makes a sound 
once — it cries out upon being born
and then all you hear after that

is a voice poured through it, a voice
not its own, function of wind
or rain or distress.

A broken window may never
have been meant to be opened.
It may have been a poor church’s

lone glory, or the last line of defense 
for a shivering soul. A broken window
is evidence of a violent change

and you don’t know
what led to it;
maybe you could try helping out

with a dustpan and broom
before offering a philosophy
lesson? Help clean it up. Help.