Be All

With a flag
or an outrage or

With an obvious
eagle on forearm or

With a car or truck
as large as 

With a laugh
or a smile tagged
on a tossed-off slur

With a figurative
cigar or real blunt or
other prop

With a gun
or a penis or 

With everyday carry
assisted open or fixed
blade ready response

With a patriotic
terrorist or thief killing

With a superhero
attitude like a flag pole or

To end all
with muscle
and swift action
To create a legacy of peace
by forcing others
to assume your constraints

To be all American
and all Man 
A half-cocked
toy-happy boy
in a schoolyard 
you only think you run


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One response to “Be All

  • sanberdooboy

    reading this poem i realized you’re expressing the anger i have been feeling recently about some of our “boys” in this country, and they may be “boys” as old as i am (70). Your first stanza succinctly grabs attention, sets the tone, and forecasts what your theme will be. in the last stanza the four lines, “To be all American/ and all Man/ A half-cocked/ toy-happy boy” speaks the truth. well-crafted, powerful.

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