Death Poem For All To Learn

Originally posted 12/3/2013.

On a cold Wednesday, as I’m
putting out the trash, I see
a dead mouse on the porch

that may have died
in the act of creeping along
the siding toward warmth,

or was perhaps killed by
something but left
unconsumed, perhaps

as a warning to others
not to pass
this way?  

I lift it
from the spot
where it passed

and hurl it
into the yard
where it will become

a different message
of how every death absorbed into
its environment vanishes.

Will I even remember
next year
that I did this?

Was that why
this was written?  
Was a mouse

born and killed
just to give me 
a poem?

I think this once
then snort at my ego
that doesn’t even know

why I’m here — maybe
I’m just here to take out
the trash,

and will some day die
and be found frozen out here
with the yellow bags in my hands.

Others will nod sagely
and agree
that I was good at that.

Then, they’ll wrap me up
and put me
out of their minds.


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