List Of Demands

“Wait, what? A

You want to call this

Raise its font
to terror levels? 

Untwist its facts
so they lie straight
and flat?”

that is what we want,

and it is our hope
that it becomes
what you want
as well,

because for it
to stop happening
this has to become what
you want.

There are more,
many more in fact, but 

long before
we talk about those —

this one.
This One.


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One response to “List Of Demands

  • sanberdooboy

    i assume the murder was probably committed by a policeman or sheriff, somewhere. thanks to smart phones we have become a lot wiser about what ugliness is happening on our streets.

    my favorite lines:

    Untwist its facts
    so they lie straight
    and flat?”

    that is a fine use of metaphor.

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