Mountain that is
above all and darkening
Valley and looming as if
it had invented that word. Valley
that opens out into Plain
south of here or so we’ve heard and
stays dark into late morning thanks to
Mountain and still shadows cool 
at midday. 

Those born
in Mountain’s shadow,
in this Valley, 
are blessed and also sheltered
and occasionally threatened when 
storm or errant sound triggers
a slide of snow or mud into villages,
taking homes, farmlands, pets, 
futures and pasts and 
oh, everything away although
when it is quiet it is indeed
perfect.  Mountain makes it 
perfect by adding danger
to peace. Threat to safety.
Dark to sunlight.

Those south of here
where Valley becomes Plain
don’t get to understand this ever.

Now and then we speak 
as one, in voice of Valley, 
and elect to send Plain
a touch of Mountain threat,
a touch of nation building — 
we bring them Shadow then
and wreck them for
their own good. Be like us,
we say. Be like us and like us
for what we’ve wrought — 

they don’t, though; stupid people of Plain —
understanding is not for people

not of Mountain, not for people
not of Valley. Perfection’s

not for them, ever.


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One response to “Geopolitics

  • Eileen

    “Mountain makes it perfect by adding danger to peace.” “we wreck them for their own good.” That kind of sums up our foreign policy.

    The same dynamic exists in relationships….perhaps particularly marriage. Mostly where one person thrives on change, sometimes delusional that it will make things better, when it is just for the sake of change. And the other person feels safe only in the status quo.

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