His mashup 
core’s two songs
run together a love song
and a death song and
how those beats collide
collude and now he is
one then another and
the mashup reminds him
of all the songs he is not 
so what the memory does
is originates and
a new bit of beat and
big tears is made from 
mashup a mix a pastiche
of what is heard over
a year or ten and now
until so many bits and beats
smash into born again and
again the yet incomplete 
core of him tells a mistake 
story and a moral is not
anything more than imposition
of a unity among elements
never meant to be found
in the same place and all this
before he gets out the door
first thing on his way to
the singular nature of
his job. On the way to work
he plays the radio because
he likes to take a risk and perhaps
add a little season to the stew
the mash the hash within and
they won’t know him maybe this time
and he’ll go through the dirty glass
of the lobby into the cubicles 
not looking like
the same guy and he’ll be 
tossed out for not matching
his ID pic and so get to go
home and this time
no radio as he has chosen not to
have ears anymore
in a bid for healing an end to 
the mashup he carries
at his core and stop
in a field and let the noise
settle long enough
as he lies there on the grass
trying to remember his name if
nothing else not caring how it is
pronounced as it can be
pronounced anyway
he wants if he can’t hear either that or
how another responds
and right now this stone
of silence sounds
pretty good.


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One response to “Mashup

  • Eileen

    “a mistake story and a moral is not anything more than an imposition of a unity among elements never meant to be found in the same place…..” Maybe we are free to give things our own meaning…to become the cause and the effect within ourselves……the only way we can feel any assurance of that particular relationship is to give it our own personal meaning…..perhaps that isn’t hubris…just freedom of choice that comes with being a human part of humanity.

    Or not. 🙂

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