This Has Been All

you have risen from
your accustomed seat
at the table

leaving behind
an empty bowl
once full of almonds

a few small scraps
of sharp cheese
on an antique plate
a drained glass of wine

you have left the room
and stepped

onto the porch
to watch moonrise
with new and old friends

turned from having
a simple dinner
into a life where simplicity
offers such complex chances
to glimpse the Divine

into the feeling
of satisfaction and joy

at having shared bread with others

and then under the full yellow disc
of the tide-drawing moon

to stand with them
arm hooked into arm

and shoulder
against shoulder

this night has been
a contained ecstasy
of perfected company

a peasant symphony played
behind the sharing of
almonds cheese and wine

this night has been all 
a soul needs from its body


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