The God Moment

If you believe in a God
which intervenes
in individual lives
and you do
what’s asked of you
knowing a God’s
behind it then 
Evil you do is still 
God’s will, rest easy and
be at peace as 
you just may be
The God’s parry, forcing 
another into Good
for A God’s Plan; there’s
a Pattern for this,
you may seek
Judas out and ask when 
you see him for
more details.

If you believe in a God
still present but 
less interventionist in Small-
Scale, do what
presents itself for doing
as you see fit and Right
as the sweep of Universe
serenely and sincerely moves
according to the tides of A God’s
design without a tug on it from
you and your small actions; if
a butterfly, blah, blah, etc.,
then you are the 
unknowing butterfly of 
such a Design and you’ll 
get the wings you deserve,
or none at all, but A God
will be served and thanks for 
your service.

If you believe in A God
which Set It All to Move
and stepped away to watch
and never nudge, do
what presents itself
to be right and good, counter Evil
as you see fit
while considering always that
you, cog of the Work,
might be broken,
hold a secret flaw
someday to break by Plan
or Accident
or Planned Accident and
thus become
God’s Popcorn Fodder.

If you believe in That God
whose Scarred Face
is currently buried in 
Torn Hands,
A God who won’t raise
The Head to peek right Now,
do what you find
good and right
and counter Evil
as you see fit,
understanding that on
a scale we can’t imagine
we may be
That God’s karma.

If you believe in All God
at once, do what is presented
for doing and
speak to each item
in the List of Potential Prophets
for its own Counsel, counter Evil
as the Splinter
or Stone commands or
suggests, don’t be afraid to step
where a step is indicated as
that spot compressed below the Foot
and your sense of the Ground
is as much Church or Altar as
a Church or Altar built for 
attention — do not segregate, 
aggregate; onward into All God.

If you believe you are The God,
why are you reading this?
You got This.
You do what is presented to you,
prop up Good or counter Evil as
each is offered.
That’s a good God,
doing whatever a God
Moves A God To Do.

If you believe in No God,
you are likely to do
what is presented
as a Thing To Do,
not because
of debt or threat,
and to suggest
Another God
might cover this eventuality
would be worrisome as
it necessarily excludes
your No God,
so No God for you,
so shall it be.

Now, here at the close
of All the God-Talk:
are you expecting The Bow
On the Package, ready for
Are you excited for a 


Roll dice.
See what comes up
and see how you feel
about the particular arrangement
of little spots on bone-hued
cubes for Gaming.
It’s as much certainty
as you are ever going to get. 
Roll, and roll again,
as God is said not to do — 
it’s the Power we alone hold — 
to do what’s presented for us to do
each time the bones roll.
Call that moment
before they come to rest
a God Moment if it helps you
choose your turn. Call on 
The God as needed.


It’s always
your turn.


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One response to “The God Moment

  • Eileen

    Wow! That about covers all the bets doesn’t it? At least most….perhaps not the statistical improbability of some people’s experience…which may be just a stumbling into the flow of an ongoing evolving creativity….not a Deus ex Machina…..but rather just finding the niche to play the hand we were dealt….and experiencing that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. I finally realized that IQ not-withstanding, no one was smart enough individually or collectively to know enough to be sure either way. And like David Hume pointed out there really isn’t any way to be sure about cause and effect….too many unknown variables. It’s a mystery for sure, but when you find a jumping in place, it’s a mind blowing trip!

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