Upright In Bed After Getting Something Right

Originally posted 1/26/2013.

You sit up in bed,
startled by the sound
of furniture breathing.
Cowering under 
a bunched up comforter,
your pink nose sticking out 
into danger from safety
while you try to decide 
what’s suddenly up 
in this big bad world

or worrying that
like so much else, this
may always be happening
but is rarely noticed
until all other distractions
are put aside. 

What if
it’s all alive, even
the brick wall 
in the kitchen? 
The moonlight might be feeling 
some kinda way 
about you; the floor might be fed up
with being untidy. 

Should you be worried
about the potential for revolution
by the dust bunnies?  
Where exactly
does one hide 
when the world is all lung and 

Go back to sleep, 
little mouse; take comfort 
in knowing
you are dreaming
the right questions
at last.


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