The Racket

If a gun woke up
aimed at something it liked
or had no business killing
would it bow
to the desire of the shooter
or misfire

If a club woke up
mid-fall upon a skull
would it twist in the hand
to miss or glance off or
would it follow through

if all nooses woke up
and unraveled at once
in executioners’ hands
would the executioners
attempt to retie them
or simply turn
to old school manual methods
and do their jobs that way
having become certain
(as the nooses were not)
of the inevitability
if not the rightness
of their duties

what would the nooses do then

considering the racket
we are living
it is hard to understand 
why everything
is not
wide awake
desperate for rest


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One response to “The Racket

  • Léa

    If I were that noose I would become skipping ropes for children! 🙂

    With all that is going on I feel almost guilty to be living in such tranquility. Yet even that is not impenetrable.

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