The Face In The News

This face, exemplar
of no remorse — its
pale nerve-laced skin
twitching, its stare, 
its thin, sharp nose; 

that fear
in those hollow eyes

brimming over,
spilling onto those lips,
flavoring each word they spill 
with hate
fear becomes hate 
when exposed
to open air,

and once fear
flowers into hate
it cannot 
easily unbloom
and furl 
back toward

from that urgent, ugly

turned to hate dares 
not regret anything
as doing so may expose
how little it ever had to fear
from the beginning — hence

this face, exemplar
of no remorse with unrelenting
stare, almost as if a mirror
were before you unblinking,
but that isn’t your face
in the news — 

it’s something
at once more unsettled

and unsettling:
a face that could be

any face, a face grown
so commonplace

you almost don’t give it
a second glance.


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