When We Were In The Cult

Originally posted 6/23/2010.

When we were in the cult
we didn’t get much sleep.
It was said we didn’t need it
so we learned how not to need it.

When we were in the cult
words had different meanings
that seemed a little off or wrong 
but we understood them soon enough.

When we were in the cult
we slept with everyone inside
and made a lot of noise about
how outside ought to do the same.

When we were in the cult
everything that went wrong
was caused by something we’d done.
There were no accidents or errors.

When we were in the cult
we didn’t call it cult.  We called it
“being there.”  We slept when we could.
We worked a lot. We fucked a little.

We tried not to mess it up
by thinking
or saying or doing

things we shouldn’t. 

When we were
in the cult,
it wasn’t hard
to be in the cult

as long as we didn’t think
we were in one at all.
As long as you keep saying it,
it isn’t bad at all.


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