Righteous Shoot (Talking To Blue)

Tell me if I have this right — 

if I stand before you and
you choose me as your enemy
it is a righteous choice;
if your weapon is drawn,
it is righteously drawn; 
if your weapon speaks,
it is righteous speech;
if I fall after it has spoken,
it is a righteous fall.  

Your enemy 
may not have been
properly identified for you,
may not be clear to you,
but you hunt anyway,
armed and wary, 
assuming that
bullets, once fired,
will exact perfect justice 
by way of having come from 
an unerring (by definition) gun.

Do I misspeak, am I 
getting all this? 
Am I even allowed
to speak about this? 
It’s getting hard 
to understand

what is allowed, what is 
a right, who has what rights,
what descends from 

such righteousness,

how far down
one may descend.


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One response to “Righteous Shoot (Talking To Blue)

  • Eileen

    How far may one descend? How far can a whole culture descend? Is humanity devolving? If a sure sign of insanity is thinking everyone else is crazy……I must be mad.

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