Just an FYI for readers here…

I’ve been busy with a number of projects, so my output’s a little off right now…That said, I did want to let you in on the new Website for my poetry and music band, The Duende Project.  Still under construction, but getting there…with links to videos, places to hear and purchase tracks, etc…

The Duende Project


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4 responses to “Just an FYI for readers here…

  • Cheryl Gaudreault

    Might you consider coming to Putnam sometime on a Sunday…for Open Mic…Terry @The Stomping Ground would really like to open up “Open Mic” for Poetry and story telling…any “spoken word” although it’s always musicians who come sign up…I can’t do it until after the play is done and I don’t want to miss you if you and Melissa come down for it…I realize her work schedule is erratic. Now that I’m moving to Putnam you could stay at my place if you’d like – anytime. Always do enjoy your brief visits when I catch you both at her Memere’s.

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