If You Wake Up As A Bomb

If you wake up as a bomb one day

awakening outward from sleep
expanding from the bed in all directions

If you wake up ticking
but choose to deny it until it 

If you wake up as a bomb one day 
and don’t know it until
you are standing next to your trigger
Don’t know it until 
the trigger is pulled and you
burst into one ruddy scream
followed by your own 

If you wake up as a bomb one day
and explode

I swear on the future 
that I will recall
when you were not a bomb
and tell all around me
that you did not begin as a bomb
were not meant to be a bomb
did not ask to be a bomb

I will tell everyone
that like all of us
all you wanted
was quiet when the sun 
struck your face 
upon waking
quiet when it came time
at last 
to sleep


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