Ego, Shush

It is unimportant
that I am ripped within
by doubt.  All are.

It is unimportant
that these hands are not
what I once imagined.
That thought
is the same among us all.

It is unimportant that
I can see so many 
already farther along
than I am. They have
the same view as I, see
others even farther ahead.

What is important:
the music being made.
That there is music being made
at all.  That there are musicians
is unimportant except as music
comes from them as from one body —

one must hear all
to hear all of it
or else spend time
wasting away
for want of connection
to the Great Road
As Walked By All.

That I think this, and
that I think this is true,
are unimportant.

Shush, ego;
ego, shush;
listen, ego;
listen, be still.


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