Power Tools

The guns.  I want
the guns.
First the knives and then

the guns.
All the guns.

All of them,
and then the bombs.

The ships after that,
maybe the planes, and that

might be enough.
Knives for the close-by,

guns for the intermediate, bombs
for the absentee moments,
missiles and planes

and gunboats to project
what I cannot 

do with my own hands.
And thinking now

of what one can do
with computers

and with banks, I need
some of those too.
Knives, guns, bombs,

missiles, planes, ships,
computers, banks,

markets, stocks,
lies, half-truths,

money, money, money,
myths of social constructs

and colorblind generations,
flags, elections,

eclectics, stories, art, music,
schools that bind hands
to the will of other hands.
I want all the guns
because the tears
haven’t helped, the words

and songs haven’t helped,
the simple reach of saying

this is wrong has never helped.
I want guns

to weight the lifelines
I need to throw

because that flood
of everything else
that’s arrayed against me
is rising  
and though I understand
what a gun does
far better than you do,
I want them anyway because

there seems to be
so little else
I do understand

about what it takes these days
to win and not lose,

to not starve or despair, 
to not drown,
not burn,

not die.


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One response to “Power Tools

  • Eileen

    That pretty much says it! My husband and I read the newspaper or watch the news and then talk about the state of the world, until it gets so overwhelmingly discouraging that finally one of us says: “The world is a terrible place, full of terrible people.” Then we laugh and pick up our tiny life and make the best of it.

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