families eat together
and they may starve together
if there’s nothing to eat
but they will not starve alone

if you’re starving alone
come sit down and be
part of 
my family

we don’t have much
but we can’t afford
to be stingy with 

families need
more than just food
to be healthy
they must be open to allowing

what they hold among themselves
to flow away
trusting that one day
it will flow back

therefore son or daughter
brother, sister, cousin 
in spite of any other blood you carry
I declare that you are my family

so sit and eat and drink
rest and weep
or laugh in relief knowing
you’re home now


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2 responses to “Family

  • Eileen

    Beautiful. Growing up my family never lived near blood family, so on holidays or more frequently if people were lonely, my mother invited the elderly who were alone and young families unable to travel to be with their families to spend the holidays with us. Many of them over the years became close enough that we thought of each other as family. I have pretty much done the same, since I lived away from my family also. I always find it strange when I realize in the rural south how many people pretty much just stick with blood relatives. I guess most of them have large families and have never been out of driving range from them.

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