The Right Answers

Whenever Universe asks me,
after I’ve stubbornly
resisted its direction, 

“Did I stutter?”

the right answer for me
always is
“Yes,” because I find
it always does stutter
and shade its suggestions
before getting straight on making
a clear demand of me,

possibly (I’d like to think) because 
it hopes it doesn’t have to
make a clear demand of me
and hopes that this time
I’ll get it in spite of the subtlety —

and sometimes I do 
but sometimes I don’t,
which leads to Universe
leaning into me
and asking,


and here we are again,
here we both are,
back at the beginning.

I always speak the truth
to Universe
while praying it does not
smite me
for my honesty,
though it smites me 
for my honesty

more often than not.
That’s the right answer too,

as it was
back at the beginning
of the beginning, as it likely
always shall be.


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