What I Want From My People

I want my people

to look at me and say
there is something different
about me they can’t
put a name on.  Want to have
a new face that somehow

already fits with my old name,
a face that seems strange and
exhilarating yet
utterly comfortable
and familiar at the same time,
as if I’d died and been reborn

as my own better replica,
my soft corners 
sharp enough once again
to startle a friend
into renewed affection, lift
a lover back into passion, prod
myself into waking refreshed

from what had seemed a near-dead sleep.


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One response to “What I Want From My People

  • Eileen

    Don’t we all!
    I remember the first time I realized I had become invisible.
    It took me years to find the good side of that. For the good side, see my post: “Pecs and Buns.” It’s my dirty little old lady version of the song “Tits and Ass” from the Broadway play, “The Chorus Line.”

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