Noted In Passing

Originally posted 8/5/2012.

I’m telling myself the truth
for a change.
I admit
that now and then

it would feel good
to swing a hand
and connect with a
hard yet crackable jaw.

I disregard the claims of
comfortable wisdom and note
that most criminals I’ve known
had mountain-high self esteem.

That war thing, the one
where we rush into it singing?
We’ve all tried for years to stop it,
yet it keeps coming up.

Anger, said the Dalai Lama,
is unnatural. Yet somehow
every baby I’ve ever seen
knew from birth how to make a fist.


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4 responses to “Noted In Passing

  • Eileen

    Anger is more comfortable for many people than fear or hurt. When we are hurt, love can help us not just react, but rather seek to understand. . But you have to choose to live with the pain instead of escaping into anger while you try.

    As a female growing up, I responded to hurt with tears, but to fear with anger. About the only time I wasn’t afraid most of my life was when I was blood red angry.When I was young my anger scared me. But by mid-life I discovered anger’s power to free me from fear. Maybe it’s hormonal! 🙂

  • Léa

    Those last to lines are doing their best to tempt me into stealing them to see where they might go!

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