Short Dialogue With The Ether Upon Waking

How are you today?
Broken, I say.

Are you ready to go?
I’m uncertain of every step,

so no. 
Can we help at all?

I don’t understand what “help”
you mean. Are you suggesting

you help me go? No,  
we mean to try and help you calm down,

steady your steps, get well.
I don’t know how that would feel.

Would I still be myself if I were not
this much fracture, this much moan?



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2 responses to “Short Dialogue With The Ether Upon Waking

  • Eileen

    Would I still be myself if I were not this much fracture, this much moan?

    Every four or five months
    I wake up without pain.
    It takes me a few minutes
    to realize what’s different.
    Then to puzzle over why.
    Stop! Don’t question it,
    just rejoice and be glad in it.
    and sometimes I do and
    it lasts all day or almost..

    At some point I say
    to my ghost body,
    “Oh yes! I remember.
    We were such good friends.
    Danced with the children
    lifting them high
    loving their laughter.
    We hiked with a baby
    carried on our back,
    rode horses,swam the sea,
    made love in the sand.
    I remember now
    how much I miss you.”

    Then comes morning,
    yesterday’s youth is gone
    I pull my aged body
    clumsily out of bed
    Ripette van Winkle.
    Was that just yesterday?
    Takes days to let go
    of my lovely delusion
    a fleeting memory
    of being me again.

    (Sorry about suddenly taking to writing such long responses. Your poems, far better than mine, are thawing some frozen creativity in me. I’m not sure there’s much point in repeating more awkwardly than how you express what resonates with me, but somehow it’s like claiming a truth for myself. Does that make any sense?)

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