Pursuit Of

The sun’s hot.  Too hot.
The water’s wet but it’s getting scarce
and the dirt’s becoming precious around our feet.
We look at our kids and say,
don’t get cocky about the pursuit of happiness
being easy.  Get a job and keep looking.
Pass a test and get a job and keep looking.  Kick a ball
and pass a test and keep looking.  Do it all —
go to school kick a ball pass a test get a job
kick a tire
and a man

and a woman
and a queer hide

and a brown hide
and don’t forget that Jesus, he kicked a lot of ass,
so I’ve heard, so we’ve all been told.
Keep looking, kick something that’s already down
and it’ll almost feel 
like you stumbled over happiness
in the dry weeds 
that are taking back our lawns.
Keep at it. 
It has to be here. Someone must have it and
it’s ours, damn it. We’ve got the paper
that says so. We’ve got the muscle. Dislocated
as the bones may be under our good skin,
we’ve still got the muscle and the guns. Rubble
piling up? That’s just good cover
for a sniper. Don’t get comfortable, kid.
You want it 
you have to hunt it.
You’re going to have to take aim

at the fucks who stole it.
Go get ’em, kid.
Go get ’em.


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2 responses to “Pursuit Of

  • Eileen

    The pursuit of……..Was it us that lost it? Focused on the quick and easy money, money, money, pleasure, pleasure, pleasure………….here kids, Nintendos, DVDs, Blu-Ray, I phones bigger, better, quicker escapes than we had…………you don’t have to earn it, you’re american middle class white and entitled. The Declaration of Independence says so and the Constitution guarantees it.

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