Questioning Oz

We focus on the Man behind the Curtain 
no matter how often we say 
we should not pay attention to him.  


Let’s talk instead 
about the Machine he’s running
when the curtain is pulled back.


That’s a hell of a piece of technology back there.
Smoke and projection. End result, a terrifying Head
offering favor and demanding sacrifice.


Let’s talk about that Curtain too —
the most important piece of fabric
in all of Oz. It looks pretty plain —


the same color as almost everything else
in that city.  Made to be
nondescript.  To blend in.


Can you recall anything about it 
other than the request
to ignore it? 


Who’s the real wizard here — 
the bumbling Man
or the Head howling imperiously? Or


are the people
who hung the Curtain
more powerful than either of them?


If you buy the Man’s story
all of Emerald City knew he was behind it
all along. Do you buy


the Man’s story?  Did he build
or inherit or improve upon
the Machine? Who’s in charge here?


What do you think we should call the Machine?

Should we call it magic, or Magick?
Should we call it “green supremacy?”


What do we call the Curtain? Should we call it
“greenness?” Should we note that it is the color

of the default setting? What does it say


that the people of Emerald City
did not seem sad to see the Wizard go
as long as someone, anyone, 


was left in charge to maintain the status quo?

It likely took those three less than a week 

after Dorothy left


to step behind the Curtain
and fire the Machine up again — and this time,
no black dog appeared to pull back that veil.


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