How To Paint A Masterpiece

In the hand place a walnut.  Call it now 
the walnut hand.  A brain-shell in the hand.
Refer to it in the background, somewhere.
Give it a line to

a recognizable tree, a clear leaf,
stone-hard bark.

Answer that clock ticking
in your own walnut shell,
your brain shell.

Answer that clock that says
no time but now
and not much of that.

In the face, place your last thought
of your first love and your last kiss
with your second love and the unknown
first kiss with your last love. Also,
in the cheek’s blush a touch
of the walnut shell, the 
brain shell, and how little time
you have.

Should there be an allusion
to God or a mythology of similar
bent? What should be bent
to service a cause or thought or
patron? Is there any reason to be doing this
that is not in service to
the stain on the walnut and
how it rides in the open hand?

A masterpiece, you know, is 
a question or two or
a hoard of them.  A horde
of them bearing down upon you
from across

all the historical and ahistorical
and myth-drenched plains. 

In the last stroke, the walnut
should hold unseen all 
but the name of your 
final grace

which will be revealed


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