Street scene:

my eyes unmet,
their hands drifting

onto wallets, their bags 
pulled in tight to
their guarded bodies.

Office observed:

stumble, whisper,
awkward pause,
sudden stop,
change in subject,
question without thought,
thought without question.

Media, in media res:

what does a story say
about what a blog says
about what a blog says
about what was said
about what was said
about what was said
about how they died?

smoldering — 

Now this? No.
Not here, I beg,
not with you too —
not you too;
do you understand

that I am far beyond ready
to burn my home? That
if I have to ignite
the here and now
to reach the future,

I will?


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2 responses to “Microaggressions

  • Tony Brown

    Some microaggressions appear to be based in kindness, but have an unfortunate impact.

  • Eileen

    Paranoia overload…..doesn’t mean the world isn’t actually that hostile unfortunately. 🙂 Hopefully no spontaneous combustion….looking deeper, further…..there’s kindness out there too.

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