It doesn’t matter
how illogically you fly
in your daydreams.
You’re not a bird.
Never were.
Fly however you want,
floating, soaring,
vertical, flat out
like a superhero.
You don’t need to
fly like a bird — 

fly like a jellyfish,
a stove, a wrinkled shirt
on a hurricane, 
like stone or 

It doesn’t matter
if you do or do not
fly, except to you,
as the universe
will be perfect
with you grounded
or airborne or swimming,
standing absolutely
mountain-still or
vanishing into wind
or the stray thought
of flight
in someone else’s mind — 

your lover’s mind,
a dying mind,
or one itself mystified into flight
by the view it sees
in the moment
it is born.  It’s not as if

your flying
is only meant
for you.


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2 responses to “Flying

  • Eileen

    Some think dreams of flying indicate an ego inflation. That tickles me, because every now and then I dream I am flying, but it is always inside a house or building and I only fly about one foot off the ground. I guess I have a very limited ego inflation, which seems sad. If you’re going to have an ego inflation it should be tremendously exciting and about flying high in the sky.

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