A Good Night’s Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep


going without
fretting about
or rationalizing
night sounds

for six hours
for once


six hours gladly
amnesiac about 
the words of
a devout Christian friend

who shook her head
and sadly agreed

that God’s plan
probably involves Him
to you


ten good seconds
upon waking that 
try as you might
can’t be stretched into 
fifteen or


another day of taking 
what you get


another day
hoping for 

a good night’s sleep


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2 responses to “A Good Night’s Sleep

  • Eileen

    Another day of taking what you get……..oh boy…..off to the hospital for a heart procedure for my husband…..unexpected problems. Perverse person that I am, I take it being Friday the 13th as a good thing. Now trying to take the stray kittens gifting us with a dead snake on the porch this morning as a good thing.

    Used to hear old people pray, “Thy will, not mine,” and think “You do remember what happened to Jesus, the “Good” son, don’t you?”
    Now, I’m old and pray, “Your will, not mine, but pour on the grace, please.”

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