New poem.

Fold yourself into a circle often enough
Your back will stay forever a little bent
Your eyes will
stay fixed upon your navel

Fold yourself often enough
into a white envelope
and you”ll find yourself
mailed to somewhere out of sight and mind

Fold yourself often enough
into a genderbox and learn
that such things aren’t meant to hold
what’s yours and yours alone

Fold yourself often enough
into someone else’s origami 
in pursuit of your own flow and their love
and get neither

Unfold yourself
You’re a long awaited letter signed “sincerely yours”
You’re a long list of desires and needs
You’re creased and fragile but intact

A flag
A treasure map
A photo from long ago
without a seam upon your laughing face

Lay yourself flatly down
Come back to yourself
It won’t be as easy for someone
to slip you into their pocket


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One response to “Unfolding

  • Eileen

    Laughed out loud with delight at this one.

    “Come back to yourself.” Yep…..an oft repeated process…..but, you’re right, it’s like finding gold at our center, instead of melting jello.

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