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Rewind/Fast Forward/Eject

Originally posted 12/28/2013.

that’s the title
of a soca song 
so much fun to sing
a soca song
that is fun to sing

a song from an album
released in 1994
in 1994
on vinyl
and cassette 

in 1994 that title
made sense
to a cassette owner
a cassette tape owner
someone who owned
and listened to cassettes
someone who fell
in love with a song

and rewound it 
and replayed it
until it broke
and had to be discarded
had to be ejected 
and tossed away

less than one
generation from now

no one will
understand this song

exactly the way a cassette owner
understood it
in 1994

watching the tape gather
on the left hand reel
is that far enough?
trying to interpret

high speed backwards noise
hitting play to see

if it was far enough
hitting rewind
and fast forward
and play

then one last rewind
to position the tape
right at the beginning
of the wanted song

hitting eject
when the time came
changing reluctantly
to another tape
another song

and obsession used to be
analog processes
that took time and precision
took attention and
esoteric understanding
of what little you could
see and hear
how to read subtleties
how to fall back satisfied
and then
how to move on

love used to be
played endlessly
over and over
beginning to end
to beginning again

it was never over
never over
was played over and over
until it was done