Originally posted 10/18/2011.

You! You
tower of smart dirt, 
intelligent water,
column of excited minerals, whirling
storm of atoms, chattering prophecy
of the pure light
hidden in the darkest crevices — 
how is it possible
that all you want to talk about
is stopping the end of the world?

Get serious, you.
This world is not going to end.
Our species may shuffle off at some point,
other species will fall with us,
there will be suffering, it’s all a big mess — 
all true, all of
no consequence.

Your atoms are going to keep talking.
In a thousand years
they will come upon better truth
than you ever conceived,
or on to the same truth
you won’t acknowledge now:
we’re an extension of
the pure thoughts of stones.
Nothing’s ever going to stop them
from thinking, no matter how hard
we try to deny them the pleasure.

You! Get serious — 
yes, ease suffering,
redistribute wealth,
play fair,
establish guidelines, even
salvage as much of the planet
as there is in our remaining time
as you can
but d
o it because

it is in our shared calling
to do it
even though there is in fact
nothing ever lost
and therefore 
nothing to save.


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One response to “You!

  • Eileen

    Oh, I think I like the idea of being ” a tower of smart dirt, intelligent water”

    “Your atoms are going to keep talking.” That sounds like something my husband probably thinks about me! 🙂

    Yes….our shared calling…….like that also.

    and “nothing ever lost so nothing to save.” I never thought of it that way. Makes sense though.

    As always thought provoking……you do stir the waters.

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