Ghost Dance

Originally posted 7/19/2012.

Urged by some
to believe that history
is not destiny so 
we should just forget it —

never believe what those liars say;
millions of ghosts
inside us
beg to differ.

There’s a dance, an old dance
I’m willing to try,
something to turn the world
upside down;

I’ve got a shirt, an old shirt
I’m willing to wear —
something designed for the big dance
and the afterparty.

There’s a song, an old song
I’m ready to sing —
something written just for the occasion,
a keening joyful sound;

it has a chorus, a swelled chorus
millions and millions strong,
singing of history
as prelude to destiny.

Stop believing what those liars say.
It’s time. Join the singing
and the circle
and the dance —

history’s proven
our ghosts
are more honest
than theirs.


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