Revisionist History

Originally posted 3/20/2012.

In the history of government
there are a million examples 
of how they begin, but only one
of how they end: they end

with the venal
gaming their way to power
and staying there regardless
of the labels they choose to wear.

In the history of nations
it doesn’t matter how the people love them.
They only love you back 
a little, and only at certain times.

In the history of history
it doesn’t matter what happens,
only what is said about what happened
or did not happen, or is said
to have not happened;

in the history of history 
there are but two nations —
the strugglers and the lords.

In the history of humans
there’s dancing and loving
and the making of art and music;
there’s good sweat, grand tears,
and a lot of laughter,

but do not confuse that 
with the history of government and nation.

If you want to pursue happiness,
know that government and nation
pursue happiness too — 

and they do it, always,
by chasing and catching


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