A note to subscribers

I just wanted to thank all of you for signing up to read this blog, whether that be in your reader, in your inbox, or via Facebook.  It’s gratifying to know that what I do touches some of you enough that you want to have it in your lives regularly. 

Since I made the decision to not make the standard journal/manuscript route for writers my own primary path, but to put more of my time and effort into being read more often by a group of readers who would see my progress and my body of Work on an ongoing basis, I’ve had multiple occasions to question the decision.  

Many of my writer friends think I’m nuts, that I’m missing out on more standard acceptance and reward by doing this.  Certainly it has made it more difficult to submit to some opportunities and journals in which I DID wish to appear.  But overall, I’ve never looked back with anything more than a small twinge of regret.  Knowing that the Work will be read is all I’ve ever cared about and I still think this is the best way to do that.

I appreciate your loyalty and your attention and thank you again deeply, with all my gratitude, for your kindness, your comments, and your time.



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