If Not Now, When?

Originally posted 4/12/2010.

When we have crossed the last line
When we have left unhappy and can see happy
When our teeth stop traveling in search of substance

When we demand and no longer beg
When we are seen fully by another
When the sense of otherness is tamed

When learning is the equivalent of living
When it stops being a big deal
When work is jazz and not techno

When the lovers blow hot always hot
When the cool is demonstrated by a hand in a fire unburned
When warm clothes make the war go away

When street is asphalt and not adjective
When prairie takes precedence
When river is clean fuel

When ocean slips pregnancy to us through our eyes
When bird and snake combine to make historical marker
When tumbledown prisons become flower mounds

When the last butchers fall meatless into our arms
When mean mumbling is sampled and made to rock
When beauty is defined as “every face we see”

When this is all quaint
When no one needs to learn this at any emotional level
When this is so clear it is invisible



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