Get A Grip

New Poem from old fragment. 2008?  

Our bricks
are natural
Our plastics 
are natural
Our GMOs
are natural (you may pretend
they are not
that we are not and our products 
are not 

they are)

Anything from our hands is
as natural as honey
As ant shit
As termite mounds
Bowerbird nests
Coral reefs

Our words
Natural as song
As roar and whinny

Our lovemaking
as curious and varied
as all mating

Our thinking 
as divisive and replicative
as mitosis

Whenever we exalt ourselves
whether with claims of 
God-favor or
with infamy or accusations
of unnatural acts
or non-animal behavior

we simply behave
as we are built to behave

We prefer to forget
the foolishness
of believing otherwise

that may be
the only true demarcation
between us and all the other


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