Fit To Burst

New Poem.

I am fit to burst

To burst from
Torn psyche — spark
Critical theories — tinder
Whiteness — fuel

To burst while
Alone not by my choice
Alone between
Alone in another’s sweetheart deal

To burst big
And burn one thing
Burn two things
Burn books, paintings
monsters, heroes
medals, trophies
gods and gods and gods
and God

To burst into
orange over blood by blue
Red over flight from fight

To burst
Inarticulate reason
Unspecific grief
Inconvenient rage

To burst
Open my hands
Close my mouth
Hold my fright out like a shield
Hold my faith in an inside pocket
Hold my hope as it strains on a frayed leash 

I am fit to burst
and will
one of these days
one of these days soon

It will be a dynamite song
It will be a C4 chorus
It will be a nuclear blow out choir
A long loud moment

It will be hard to imagine
the other side of it
but it will be


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