New poem. (Last one for a while I think — back to revisions full time.)

I’m mysterycore

Not “love centered”
Not “spiritual but not religious”

Unsaved and glad of it
Never born again — once was plenty
Stared into the mask of the Void
Snatched it away
Put it on
Never looked back

“Dance as if no one is looking?”
Lose that nonsense
Mysterycore means 
you dance as if everyone’s
looking and wondering and scared to death of you
Dance as if that jack-off monkey in your childhood zoo
is staring at you the way
you once stared at him — fully aware
something was happening there
and you knew what it was

but couldn’t wouldn’t and did not say 
because to say it would have
cheapened it

means you don’t let your darkness
end your delight
stop your moshing
keep you from playing a guitar solo based in a personal one note scale
means you sneer at those who sneer because to sneer is divine and they do not know that
(Look at how Godlike they are in their lack of God)
means you have a cupboard in place of a soul
Stock it with curious finds
Make a separate temple on each shelf
Conduct variable rituals of these shabby authenticities
every minute of every day except on the Sabbath
On the Sabbath
perform your mystery by doing 

not a Goddamn thing

embraces all that is not clear
gives confusion a throne

knows you won’t kneel to it
Knights you for your insolence
then will try to kill you

and miss

doesn’t have a dress code

never apologizes for being nude

gets cold sometimes
Gets pointy nipples 
then tightens and puckers

mysterycore simply calls that

pointing out the True Path
upon surrendering the need to project 
strength and only strength

isn’t comfortable


but slams into The Discomfort
shoulder first
with ravenous joy


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