Brown Heart

New Poem.

brown heart

color of august
arms race
sweat singers

try not to think about this too hard:
did you want love? did you come here
for love? did you expect 

brown heart

but love’s not

here — white heart’s broken
sad face can offer you nothing

white heart broken
in westside bin
by garage door
wedged open so
breath and air
get out and in
sorry it says
at least I
sly and shaky
stay alive this way
no time for you
brown heart

today nothing
from white broken heart
for brown heart

love is
not there ever
brown heart
no matter
its stolen beats
and its claims
to love you
white heart is never more than
guardedly there
and never there
for you at all

love you
brown heart
that’s your song
you love you
you love you
for white heart knows
the same song too
you love you
you love you


Want to hear it as a recording with guitar?  


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